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Agenda for 2/24/21


  • Budget Update
    • We purchased 4 more panels 
    • We were able to up our aide time in the building by 8 hours per week
    • This leaves us with $5,306 after all our aide time is paid for throughout the year.
  • Next year Trustlands needs to be used for technology and aide time
    • Specifically, Chromebooks and more panels. Total cost of ownership.
    • Teachers crave the aide time to help in small groups
    • Everytime I get additional aide time it is gone and signed up for and taken in a matter of minutes.
  • I would like to take into consideration some of your thoughts on the following for TSSA
    • Social and emotional  well-being
    • Panorama- $1 per kid
    • IXL- Helps with reading, math, and science
    • More aide time
    • Community building
      • Gift cards
      • Family night


Adjourn the meeting: Motion: _____________ Second: __________
All in favor say I.


Meeting adjourned:         
Next Meeting Scheduled for: ____________

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