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CC Meeting Agenda 01/13/21

The following Council Members were present:


Budget Update- $61,900.11

  •  Here is the good news, we need to spend money!
  • ASCEND money will be taken out of next year's budget 13k will be taken out this you for our current chromebooks. That is close to the same price as 1 to 1.
  • Panel Demonstration
  • TSSA is integrated alongside Trustlands. Little less ridgid district is in charge of this budget, not the state. TSSA pays for the Mental Health Specialist, Robotics, aide time, technology, etc. I will thake the input from the council when I make the TSSA plan.

                    - I would like to move forward with Trustlands taking care of a variety of technology and having personnel helping kids in the building (aide time).

                    - I would like to use TSSA to supplement Trustlands and use it for a variety of other things 

                   - Neither Trustlands or TSSA can be used for Facility upgrades.





Access to the new School LAND Trust website is going to be delayed about six weeks from the original date of January 15th. This delay may require districts with March due dates for the upcoming School Plan submission to extend the due date a few weeks.


Adjourn the meeting: Motion: _____________ Second: __________
All in favor say I.


Meeting adjourned:         
Next Meeting Scheduled for: ____________

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