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August 27th, 2021


Dear Parents,


At Pioneer Elementary, we are committed to providing an excellent public education for your children. We appreciate the support you give your children and the school. If you would like to consider joining our Community Council where parents, staff, and other community members work together to make this the best school possible for our children, then the following information is for you!


Here are some facts about the School Community Council:

  • The council is made up of parents, teachers, and the school principal
  • The school receives an annual dividend from the school trust land and our council decides how these funds will be used
  • Member terms are for two years and members can be re-elected up to three times
  • Council members meet periodically throughout the year.

This note is to let you know that we have 2 parent openings on the school Community Council this year. If you are interested in being involved with Community Council, please fill in the nomination information below and return to the school office by Tuesday, Sept.. 7th. Your name will be added to our ballot for voting starting on September, 8th.


Thank you for your support,

Shane Rasmussen


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CUT HERE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Phone Number_________________________


Names of children at Pioneer Elementary___________________________________________________

Best way to contact you: Phone____Text_____Email______Email Address________________________







What is School Community Council?

Every school has a school community council or a trust lands committee. The membership of a school community council includes the principal, teachers elected by teachers, and a majority of parents elected by parents of students at the school. Charter schools have trust land committees where elected parents make up the majority of committee members. The most effective councils and committees are those whose members work collaboratively to develop plans to aid all students in reaching their potential.

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